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Why 2015 is the Year I Am Getting Control of My Weight

I refuse to call this a “New Year, New You” post. Mainly because I find 95% of them annoying but also because I am not talking about a “New Me”, I’m talking about a better version of my currently awesome self.

Longtime readers will know that my weight has been something that was been a struggle for the last couple of years. My short attention span and lack of drive has it made it tough to keep more that 15-pounds off at any given time. I hop on/off the Weight Watchers wagon more than a four year old at the fair. Its tough and anyone else who tells you differently is sitting on a throne of lies.

So why now? Well one, I’m not getting any younger the big 35 is a few years away and I’d like to look my best by that time. Two, my best-friend is getting married next October and as a Bridesmaid I want to be in semi-tip top shape for the special day. Three, I just want to feel better about my self. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my curves and everything that goes with it and I’m not ashamed AT ALL to say I’m plus-size.

Want I do want is for my knees (which I’ve had major issues with for 20 years) to not be the reason why I cannot go out with my friends or to be the constant “slow poke” when touring other cities. It is frustrating to no end to always be lagging behind everyone because a knee(s) had decided to start popping and locking like its a dance competition.

So what is my plan?  Well one is get back on Weight Watchers and actually stick with it.  This means asking friends to help keep me in check when I feel like I’m straying. [Note: No I am not doing any partnership with Weight Watchers. I picked them because I know they work.]  Two, actually hit the “gym”.  The key is find some kind of workout routine that won’t bore me to tears and perhaps most importantly, will improve my knee strength without making the pain worse. Three, regular blog posts. I want to keep everyone on you updated to not only share my journey and what is working for me but also to inspire anyone else that is going through the same feelings and thoughts as myself.

Right now there is no set schedule for these posts but I HOPE to keep everyone updated at least twice a month.

Hope everyone is having a Happy and Healthy New Year!



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