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Which TV Shows Should You Watch This Summer

Summer used to be a time when networks would broadcast reruns of their top series and the only new content was a few summer specials or made for TV movies. These days, networks (both broadcast and cable) have a whole slew of summer only programming just waiting to take up space on your TiVo.

Sure there are A LOT of options, both new and old, but lets be real here, its summer time. We don’t want to waist all our time inside with our eyes glued to the TV, no we will be spending most of our days at the pool/beach and evenings at a BBQ or summer concerts. There are a few shows that will be worth your time this summer, I mean we do need something stored up to watch on those rare rainy nights right.

Check out TV Shows to Keep You Entertained This Summer by Misti Schindele at Mode

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