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Venus Empowers to You Use Your “&”

The world likes to apply singular labels to women, in fact 70% of women around the world have felt labeled, some starting as 10-years old. When people ask me what I do I have to rush to get my “ands” in there. I’m a blogger and ad ops manager and…, you get the point. Labels are bad and as well all know, women rock at being more than just A label.

Starting today, Venus is asking you to stand up and “Use Your And”. Be proud to be multi-dimensional, rock those “ANDs” and don’t be limited to an “or”. Venus has also partnered with Claudia Chan, Founder of S.H.E. Summit Global Conference & Women’s Empowerment Expert to help educate women in in identifying their stereotypical labels and help support them to use their ANDs.

I am proud to be many things, besides a blogger and ad ops manager, I’m also a singer and a nerd and a book worm and a daughter and sister and aunt.

Join me and Venus and share your “ANDs” on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the #UseYourAnd hashtag. Lets show the world how our “ANDs” rock!!

#Beauty #UseYourAnd #Venus

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