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TV Keep or Kill: Fall 2015 Edition

As well know, networks are known to make quick decisions regarding freshman TV shows within the first few weeks of airing.  Some shows are lucky and will survive to get a full season order while other get chopped just a few weeks in.

To help you (and us) keep track of what shows are staying around for the rest of the season and the shows that can R.I.P. we present the Keep or Kill: Fall 2015 Edition.

We will continue to update this post as new information comes out about this season’s freshman shows.


Blood & Oil – TBA. Episode count reduced to 10 on 10/23/15 Dr. Ken – TBA.Full season pick-up on 10/20/15. The Muppets – TBAFull season pick-up on 10/29/15. Quantico – TBA. Full season pick-up on 10/13/15. Wicked City – TBA


Angel from Hell – TBA. Moved to 2016 mid-season. Code Black – TBA. 6 additional scripts ordered on 10.23.15. Life In Pieces – TBA.Full season order on 10/27/15. Limitless – TBAFull season pick-up on 10/23/15. Supergirl – TBAFull season pick-up on 11/30/15.


Rosewood – 3 additional scripts ordered on 10/8/2015. Full season order on 10/16/15. Grandfathered – TBA. 6 additional scripts ordered on 10.14.15. Full season order on 10/28/15. The Grinder – TBA. 6 additional scripts ordered on 10.14.15. Full season order on 10/27/15. Minority Report – TBA Episode count reduced from 13 to 10 on 10/9/15 Scream Queens – Full season (15 episodes) already committed to by FOX


Blindspot – Full season pick-up on 10/9/15 Heroes Reborn – Full season (13 episodes) already committed to by NBC Best Night Ever – TBA The Player – TBA.Episode count reduced to 9 on 10/23/15 Truth Be Told – TBA. Episode count reduced from 13 to 10 on 10/27/15 Heartbreaker – TBA

The CW

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – TBA. 5 additional scripts ordered 10/5/15

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