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Trick or Treat but Looking Chic


DARK SWAN – Jacket: SimplyBe l Shoes: Rockport l Red Lip: Maybelline Color Blur in Partner in Crimson

Growing up my family always went all out for Halloween. I’m talking about decorations, trips to pumpkin patches, and of course costumes were mandatory. Every Halloween for all of childhood was the same. I would dress up for school (something that just isn’t done these days) where a class party awaited me (also doesn’t happen anymore) followed by the oh-so important costume parade. I still recall most of my childhood costumes, most of which was the classic back cat.


Family traditions that on Halloween included everything from hot apple cider, nacho dip, and chili followed by the main event Trick or Treating. My dad would take me around the whole neighborhood dressed in his go-to costume of the Headless Horseman. For the most part Trick or Treating was regulated to my neighborhood and one or two surrounding subdivisions, but every now and then, we would drive all the way downtown to Cherry Creek aka the McMansion ville to score the full size and king size candy bars, it was every kid’s dream. Once home, my brothers and I would trade candy and watch Halloween themed movies before passing out once the sugar high wore off.


Halloween as a child was great, Halloween as an adult? Not so much. These days I dress up solely for the office costume contest and spend my Halloween night eating pizza and watching Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas. My first year in NYC I walked in the annual Village Halloween Parade and wound up with a major cold, so never again.  Plus even if I were to go out and buy candy for kids in need of a sugar high turns out trick or treating is not a huge thing in NYC, so I would just end up gorging on a fun size snickers.


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