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The Plus+ Size Life – Winter Layers

Winter is upon us and that means (at least for me) that my office A/C likes to kick in thus making me wonder which is colder the outdoors or my office building. I am not usually a “layering” type of person, but after 6+ years in the same office space I have learned to always keep one or more sweaters, hoodies, etc at my desk for those freezing days. In fact yesterday it was so cold I was using a hoodie as a blanket on my legs.

I’ve also been making it a point to invest in more sweaters as I’ve realized my winter wardrobe is sorely lacking in the basics. The one I’m wearing here is one I picked up in all the back in September knowing it would come in handy. I also recently picked up a pair of jeans with some Christmas gift cards. The reaction at the office included one girl stating “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear jeans”. This is true, I mostly stick to tights, Teggings, or leggings but this cold front has made me want to bundle up a bit (I am however wearing tights UNDER the jeans because yes, it is that cold).

London is one of my top 5 favorite cities in the world so naturally I am showing my love with a little Union Jack. All I need know is some tea and biscuits and season 5 of Downton Abbey.

How you are layering this winter? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter at @entertainista




What I Wore:

Union Jack Cardigan – UMGeePlus 

Sweater – DKNY 

Jeans – Lane Bryant

Boots/Handbag – DKNY

Photos by Nicole Grodin 

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