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The Plus+ Size Life – New York City Edge

Folks, I am over winter, like OVER IT. So I’ve decided to just slowly start dressing for spring and hopefully Mother Nature will get the hint, sober up, and to quote Elsa “Let It Go”.


Dress: Ashley Stewart l Jacket: Stories by Kelly Osbourne (similar here) l Handbag: DKNY

I semi-recently re-found plus-size retailer Ashley Stewart (how I hadn’t already interrogated her into my wardrobe is beyond me), and while doing a little post-tax refund shopping I found this super chic mesh cutout dress. Turns out this dress is more than just chic, it amazing. The mid-mesh cutout give it the look and feel of a crop-top without going full skin baring.  Which is great for a gal like me who is still trying to get used to the crop tops.

Check me out on Snapchat: @entertainista.

Check me out on Snapchat: @entertainista.

Since the winter chill refuses to leave us, I layered on a motto jacket & boots and my new bucket bag.  Earlier in the day I had checked out a sneak peak of the Fall 2015 offerings from La Mer Collections and got a chance to make a fun little charm bracelet. Obviously the camera charm was totally meta so I had to include it 😉

See more looks over on Nerdy & Curvy!

Photos by Nicole Grodin

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