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The Plus+ Size Life: All My #NYFW Looks

Its amazing so quickly 7 days can go by when you’re running around the city and hanging out with your friends.  New York Fashion Week is now just a blur of memories and it only just wrapped up a few days ago.

One of the hardest parts about NYFW in February is getting dressed.  I want to look stylish and chic but also not freeze to death.  I won’t lie, there were some days where the fashion won out over common sense and then were days when Mother Nature tried to turn us into Popsicles.

On Day 1 I went with a rather heavy structured neoprene Eloquii dress and my trusty leather and faux-fur jacket.  It kept me warm(ish) and seemed to be a hit with everyone.  It even landed me in the “What They Wore” section on Heaven Has Heels.


Day 2 was all about layers. The temperature dropped to well below zero so the day was kept light with Hot Toddies, lunch, and a massage at the Hi Speed Blogger Retreat lounge. I bundled up in a my DKNYPure long sleeve dress and layered with a DKNY Cozy, scarf, gloves, and my usual black/faux-fur jacket.


Day 3 The snow was falling so I dressed to reflect my mood. I opted for a heather grey jacket and a multi-colored geo print dress from Eloquii. Turns out the color palette really worked with the gloomy, grey weather in the city.


Day 4 was my “fashion day” as I call it.  When possible I like to wear a designer’s pieces to his/her show, so naturally being a DKNY girl, I wore (almost) head to toe DKNY to take in the Fall 2015 runway show.  The dress itself is actually from ASOS but everything else is DKNY.  The cape and handbag are from the Fall 2014 runway collection while the gloves, boots, and sunnies are all past seasons. Yes, I froze but just look at the movement of the cape. It was kinda worth it.


Day 5 Remember when I asked you my readers to vote on a Lane Bryant dress to wear to NYFW?  Well here is the winner, the LBD from the Isabel Toledo Resort 2015 collection. I spent most of the day hanging out at the MADE @Milk Studios with the folks from People’s Revolution so I had my friend Quentin snap a few shots of me in the Lexus lounge.


You can see more of my NYFW style shots as well as information on where to get all these looks over my new blog Nerdy & Curvy.

Photos by Alexander Liang, Terica Walton, & Quentin Washington

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