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The Hot Topic of the Day According to Wendy Williams

In today’s Hot Topics segment, Wendy Williams brought a really good point, do celebrities take their relationships public too soon.

Wendy used Taylor Swift as an example. As we all know Tay-Tay is dating music producer Calvin Harris and while the couple are still very much together, they are taking  break from including each other in the social media posts.

As Wendy mentioned, once you put it out there it is damn near impossible to take it back. However, I think if Taylor and Calvin feel it is necessary to try and keep some of the relationship as private as possible, they have that right and more importantly, we should respect that choice.

I personally love Taylor and Calvin together as a couple and I really hope they make it. He’ll just imagine the happy, romantic songs that they will give us.

Check out our exclusive clip of Wendy’s Hot Topic segment and join in on the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #SILYMI.

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