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Thanks Urban Outfitters for the Overpriced Memories

We all know that fashion goes in cycles and lives by the phrase “what’s old is new again”. At the moment we seem to be reliving the key style points of the late 80’s/early 90’s. Now I’ve already lived through the these era’s and really have no wish to repeat them (style wise), but I can’t seem to get away from tweens and college freshman reliving all my old fashion mistakes. But there is always, ALWAYS one retailer that takes things too far.

Urban Outfitters I am looking at you. Imagine my shock when browsing the FB timeline only to see that good old U.O. is bringing back key hair accessories of my childhood like marble hair ties, banana clips, and even velvet Scrunchies. Normally this wouldn’t be a cause of alarm until you look at the prices on these items.

Urban+Outfitters+ Scrunchies

If you think your eyes are tricking you, don’t worry your eyesight is probably fine, Urban Outfitters thinks is okay to charge $8-$12 for hair accessories that at most cost like $3 back in the day. I mean the only way a banana clip would have cost $10 back in my day (geez I’m old) would’ve been if I was buying like a 5 pack. Now I get everyone wants a bit of nostalgia but common. To make matters if more hilarious (or ridiculous depending on how you look at it) the marble hair ties, which are similar to the ones I wow when I was like 6-years old, are SOLD OUT. That means enough people shelled out $8 for single hair tie that they ran out of inventory.

I guess it’s time to head over to mom’s and dig around in some storage boxes. I mean I wonder how much I can get on ebay for some vintage, 80’s hair accessories??

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