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Style Vibes | Why I Ditched My High Heels

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I love high heels, in high school I was never happy unless my shoes had at least a 4″ heel, which on my 5’11” frame put me way over the 6′ mark. I had a shoe collection that was coveted by many but I gave it all up. I now live in world of shoes that are all 2″ or under, sure they might be a stray pair here or there that is at the 2.5″ mark but I digress, I am a high heel lover living in a non-heel lovers body.

So why the change? Well truthfully it was a long time coming.

I knees started going to hell in middle school, at this time in my life doc martins and Nike’s were all the fashion. The summer between 8th and 9th grade changed everything for me thanks a little movie called Clueless. I wanted to be Cher which meant changing my wardrobe, footwear included. The heels started out pretty tame but by the end of 10th grade (and the discovery of the shoe store Wild Pair) my shoe obsession was full blown as were my knee problems.

As I geared up for the first of many knee surgeries towards the end of 12th grade my doctor warned me that high heels would no longer be an option for me. Did I listen, of course not. As soon as both knees were done and operated on, I buckled those heels back on my feet and went on my merry way. Did the hurt, yes but was it worth it, absolutely, at least that is what I was telling myself.

As my mid-20’s rolled up I noticed that my body was really starting to reject heels. Not only were my knees will bothering me, but my arch was a tad too high for heel styles, and my feet are in between normal and wide width, which means I got the dreaded toe cleavage. Did this stop me, of course not. Heel’s were what was on trend and the was no such thing as a cute flat.

Then, the dreaded rounds of knee surgeries happened. During recovery round #1 my doctor reminded me (again) that heels were forbodin. Then during recovery round #2 while I was laid up in my hip to toe cast my doctor (followed by my physical therapist, mom, aunt, neighbor and sister) not so subtly reminded that heels should not come into contact with my feet ever again. When I was once again allowed to wear shoes I was steered directly to the not cute sneaker section.

Naturally (once I learned how to walk again) I tried to go slip on some heels. I wasn’t picky, I tried pumps, wedges, even kitten heels, alas my legs and feet were not having it. Keep in mind again this was before flats were cute.

All of this to explain why I have given up on the idea of heels. Sure my legs are a bit stronger than before but none the less, my feet react to heels the same way I the Wicked Witch of West reacts to water. The most the I tolerate is a 2″ wedge. Thankfully it is 2016 and flats are in as are cute sneakers and slip-ons. Plus I’ve found that I fall down less in flats, which in my book is always a win.

Have you given up heels? Let me know if the comments below, in the meantime check out some of my favorite flats below.

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