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Style | Happy, Healthy, and Chic with Catherine’s #WellnessWithCatherines

When I was making my list of goals for 2017 a few weeks back items that landed in my top five were to become more active and TRY (try being the key word here) to cook more. It seems the universe was on my side as when I was asked to spend a day with plus-size blogger buddy Jezra M and plus-brand Catherine’s focusing on all things wellness related, how could I say no? Well I didn’t and that whole day lit an excited spark in me for 2017.

We kicked off the day with a fantastic session of pilates a New York Pilates on Bowery. I love pilates, when you have as many physical limitations as I do, pilates is one exercise routine that gives me a full-rounded workout but also is easy on the joints.

While kicking butt on the pilates reformer, I got to try out Catherine’s active line and OMG I am in love. I went with leggings, a tank, and sports bra combo with a jacket and of course sneakers.

The whole looks is perfectly coordinated that I could run from the gym to running errands without missing a beat. I loved how I didn’t need to adjust the leggings or the top once while working out, everything stayed put which is always a bonus in my mind and the sports bra is magic. I’ve never worn a sports bra that actually supported my girls till now, it was comfortable and the girls stayed in place during my workout.

SIZING TIP: The sizing on the sports bra is a tad on the small size so try sizing up. I wear a 46DDD bra but the 48DDD sports bra was a perfect fit.

After our amazing pilates class we headed into the Chelsea area to the Kola House over on 15th (right across from Chelsea Market). Here we met up with Kerber’s Farm owner Nick Voulgaris for an amazing cooking demo.

Here is where the TRY to cook comes in as anyone who knows me well knows that my oven never gets any use, I am strictly a Seamless girl, however I actually couldn’t want to put all my Food Network watching knowledge to work here.

Jezra and I started by peeling, coring, and chopping up the butternut squash for the soup, then we cleaned and filleted the chicken breast along with helping Nick with both the marinade and the vinaigrette, finally we chopped the tomatoes and avocados for the salad. Seriously, did you know if you gently whack the knife into the avocado pit, it comes right out? Really did not know that.

While Nick and his team put the final preparations on lunch, we explored the rest of the Kola House which is such a cool space. I explored this chic place in a pair slim leg pants from Catherine’s new Curvy Collection (side note: I want everything in this collection, so many good mix & match pieces) and a fun colorful floral blouse that I paired with a pair of peep toe heels and black teardrop Nuance earrings.  This look is so perfect for everything from a day in the office to after work drinks or even date night.

When we sat down to eat lunch I was shocked to learn just how clean and healthy it was and that the whole mean, including the apple pie we had for dessert was gluten free.

The soup was delicious and so filling and the chicken was so mouth-watering good that I was raving about days later to anyone who would listen.

A HUGE thank you to Catherine’s for really allowing me to kick off 2017 is such a great way and helping me get going on few of my goals for the new year! I cannot wait to show-off more of Catherine’s amazing styles as I make my way through 2017 one goal at a time.

This post sponsored by Catherine’s.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always!

Photography by the amazing Lydia Hudgens

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