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Spring Style: The Changing of the Wardrobe

In my world, the biggest part of spring cleaning is getting my wardrobe in shape.  This process is made up into three phrases: The Edit, The Pack-Up, The Air Out. It is a welcome change, something that signals warmer weather and longer days are just around the corner.

I recently met up with P&G at their Future of Fabrics event and they gave me some great new ideas for handling my semi-annual changing of the wardrobe.

The Edit. 

I use spring cleaning as a good excuse to edit my wardrobe. Every time is taken out of closets or dressers and evaluated on if its a keep, sell or donate.  Items I keep include pieces that were purchased in the last six months to a year, classic staples that are still in good shape, and anything that holds a great memory.

Items are sell are usually pieces that haven’t only been worn 0-2 times or still have tags attached.

Everything else (includes items that don’t sell) are donated to charity usually Goodwill or a women’s shelter.

The Pack-Up.

Once editing is one, I take great care in packing up all my fall/winter wear and take these steps to make sure my clothes are staying in tip-top shape while in storage.

  1. Prep before packing: Did you know that 70% of laundry soil is invisible? That’s why it’s important to wash your clothes before putting them in storage. With today’s high efficiency washing machines, you don’t need to waste your day doing the laundry.  Many HE washing machines have 40% larger drums (vs. traditional machines) and can wash up to 32 pounds of laundry.

  2. For cashmere and wool specifically, hand wash using a mild detergent like Tide Free & Gentle. Gently squeeze the water through the garment, then rinse until the water runs clear. Do not wring or twist. Squeeze out excess water. To dry, lay flat on a towel, away from sunlight or heat.

  3. Protect your favorite garments by putting them in a large freezer bag and keeping in the freezer for two days to kill any bacteria. However, to kill odors too, be sure to wash with Tide Pods plus Febreze for extra freshness.

  4. Before sealing backs or bins, add a Downy fabric softener sheet to keep items smelling fresh.

The Air-Out.

After all the cold weather clothes are safely stashed away, its time to un-pack and air-out the spring/summer pieces. This starts with a fresh start to a new season, give clothing and bedding a softer feel complimented with a long lasting yummy fragrance by adding Downy Infusions and Tide Pods to the wash after unpacking. Tide Pods are designed to clean, fight stains and brighten all in one. They’re easy to use and safe for both colors and whites (which is great for me and my lacking sorting).

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