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Spring Break/Road-Trip Essentials

Whether you’re a late spring breaker or someone taking a much needed break from it all in the form of a weekend road-trip, I’ve got a list of the perfect essentials to make your trip equally stylish and practical.

1. Spartina 499 Barrel Duffle Weekender Bag – Everyone needs a weekender bag for occasions such as a last minute spring break or road trip getaway. One of my new favorites is from Spartina.  The Barrel Duffle bag is roomy enough to hold all your weekend essentials plus is cute and stylish. It’s a total win/win.

2. Dove Dry Spray – Deodorant is a given on any trip, but the new live of dry sprays from Dove are life changing.  Not only do they dry instantly but they also smell lovely and won’t leave any white marks behind on dark clothing.  P.S. – if you’re traveling by plane and need to stick to the pesky 3oz or under rule, try the Dove Advanced Care line.

3. Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes – I keep these babies stock piled for any kind of trip. Just toss them in your bag and you’re good to go. These wipes get the job done by not just removing the days dirt and grime but also your makeup.

4. Henri Bendel Zoey Round Sunglasses – Everyone needs a chic pair shades for their travels. These lovely sunnies from Henri Bendel are one part mod, one part sweet & sassy making for the perfect summer accessory.

5. DKNYpure Stripe Linen Cozy – Every gal needs a summer sweater and DKNY has the perfect option with the DKNYPure linen cozy. It’s everything I love about the traditional cozy just made out of linen (vs. cashmere and silk). Light enough to wear on those breezy evenings, chic enough to pair with any outfit.

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