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#SDCC | 2016 Once Upon A Time Introduces Aladdin

Well folks, Comic-Con aka SDCC is currently knee deep in nerds right now and just a few hours ago the Once Upon A Time cast wrapped up their 5th (I think) panel. I’ll have panel highlights up soon (basically as soon as I watch it) but here is what I do know, Aladdin (Deniz Akdeni) is FINALLY making his way to the show.

The panel wrapped up with a 3+ minute long teaser of the season 5 premiere which features the street rat rif-raf and Jafar (now being played by Oded Fehr) having a “conversation” about the downfall of being a saviour.  I know the recap sucks, so why not watch it for yourself right here!!

Also during the panel, was a sizzle reel featuring the not so dead Evil Queen who we all know is back to slay us with her “YASS KWEEN” ways.

See y’all on September 25th for the return of Let’s Chat OUAT right after the season 6 premiere.

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