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#RockTheDots with Minnie Mouse Cinnamon Rolls

Anyone whose been to a Disney Park knows about the amazing giant Micky Cinnamon Roll. Now we LOVE cinnamon rolls (and really all things cinnamon) so celebrate our Queen Minnie Mouse and Rock the Dots month, we found a quick and simple way to make Disney DIY giant Minnie Cinnamon Rolls.

Now in full discloser, when we first came up with this idea it was to make the cinnamon rolls from scratch. So after wasting a whole day making the dough, filling, shaping, and baking we quickly decided we were wrong. So very wrong.

Minnie Mouse Cinnamon Rolls

#Failed from scratch version!

Enter in Trader Joes. They sell jumbo cinnamon rolls in the full pop-o-tube (PS they are soy-free!) that are affordable and tasty. Once we got our hands on those, we found that these Minnie treats are pretty easy to make.

Making the (giant) Minnie Cinnamon Rolls

First off, you’ll need to get around 3 packages of cinnamon rolls. It takes two jumbo rolls to make one Minnie roll. So keep that in mind with how many people you are looking to make these for.

To make the “ears” of the rolls: unroll one of the unbaked rolls, cut in half, and roll them back up to make two smaller rolls.

Next on a large baking sheet, place about 3 full size cinnamon rolls with plenty of space in-between. Position the smaller “ears” rolls on the top of each regular roll to create the Mickey/Minnie shape. Bake following the instructions on the packaging.

Once baked, carefully move them to a cooling rack to cool and apply the provided icing in a zig-zag pattern.

To make Minnie’s classic blow, you’ll need some white chocolate, a bow shaped candy mold, and some edible food markers. Just melt the chocolate, pour into the molds, and place in the fridge/freezer to set. Once set and removed from the molds, add the staple polka dots using the food markers.

Overall these were are HUGE hit with the family and are great for any Disney themed parties or brunches you might be throwing in the future. I mean who doesn’t love a massive cinnamon roll, especially a Minnie (or Mickey) themed one.

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