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Review: Dinner at Be Our Guest

When The Master, Beast, invites you to dinner at his enchanted castle, you don't dare say no.

Ever since Be Our Guest opened with New Fantasyland back in 2012, it's been one of the hardest dining reservations to secure. So when we had the chance to go there for dinner recently and experience the semi-new prix fixe menu, it was a fast and easy yes.

First, if you want any hope of getting in for dinner at Beast's castle, set those alarms for 7 am ET on the day your dining reservations open up (180 days if staying at a WDW resort), and even then, be prepared to possibly eat dinner at 4:30 as we did.

Second, dinner at Be Our Guest is a fixed cost which does include that 3-course prix fixe menu. The cost is $60 per adult or $30 per child. If you are on the Disney Disney Plan (DDP) (regular or deluxe only), this will cost you two of your table service credits per person dining. So plan accordingly.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, on to the good stuff, the food!


Everyone will get to choose their own appetizer, so no one has to share (unless you really want to). The menu is on the seasonal side so options may vary but on our visit, we had everything from a salad to various soups to a charcuterie board.

We naturally chose the charcuterie board which had the BEST goat cheese we've ever tasted. It paired nicely with the chorizo. The cow's milk cheese was creamy, and buttery and amazing, it was paired with serrano ham. Now there was a blue cheese on the plate BUT we don't do blue cheese so that was left alone. As with most charcuterie offerings, there is never enough crackers however, plenty of baguettes are provided to make up for that.


For the main course, you'll find everything from fish, chicken, and pasta offered but the real winner is the filet mignon.

This steak is cooked to your preference (a nice medium-well for us) and is served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. However, what makes this dish the real winner for us is the red-wine reduction sauce. It was so rich and buttery with a little zing from the red wine, we wanted to lick it off the plate to make sure not a drop was wasted.


Only one choice is available for dessert, a trio of goodies that include a fresh raspberry and lemon curd macaron, dark chocolate and strawberry truffle, and a white chocolate Chip Potts filled with the infamous Grey Stuff. Now if you've watched our Be Our Guest lunch service review, this is the same Grey Stuff that comes on the Master's Cupcake, only without the annoying cupcake to get in the way.

The dessert trio was delicious, and as always Disney goes above and beyond when it comes to food allergies. Since Misti cannot have strawberries, an extra macaron was swapped out in place of the truffle.

Meeting the Beast

Once you've managed to roll yourself away from the table, there is still one final treat in store for you, an audience with the Beast himself.

Now, this character meet and greet is ONLY available to those joined the Beast for dinner i.e. lunch and breakfast guests are out of luck here.

The Beast will greet you in his study once you are done with your meal, so make sure you ask a Cast Member where the line is so you don't miss out.

Final Thoughts

This dining experience is 100% worth it for the dinner service. Not only is the food excellent (we are still dreaming about that steak) but the service and atmosphere are wonderful. Plus the dinner service is the only way to meet the Beast himself.

Now if your only wish is to see inside of Beast's castle, then we recommend shooting for the lunch service. Reservations are easier to come by, the meals are cheaper, and if using the DDP, you'll only need 1 quick service credit per person.

If you've eaten at Be Our Guest, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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