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Red Carpet Watch: Bryce Dallas Howard – 2016 Golden Globes

Bryce Dallas Howard might just be my new red carpet hero.


Bryce had presenting duty during the 2016 Golden Globes but while on the red carpet, while talking about her gown, she told Giuliana Rancic that she just picked up her gown this week. As in she went out and shopped around and BOUGHT her own red carpet gown.

The structure in which red carpet dressing is handled goes something like this: celebrity hires stylist > stylist pulls gowns > celebrity tries own gowns upon gowns upon gowns > celebrity picks gown they think will get the on sites and on a best dressed list. The problem with this formulation is the gowns sent over are usually sample size (0, 2, 4) and can only be altered minorly (hems adjusted, gown taken in, etc).  So if you are bigger than a size 4, your options are REALLY limited and you either have to pick from just a few gowns or get something custom made.


Bryce is apparently a size 6 saying “I like having lots of options for a size 6, as opposed to maybe one option, so I always go to department stores.” Bryce found her Jenny Packham gown at Neiman Marcus (PS it’s still available).

As the push for body acceptance becomes more and more relevant hearing these kind of stories is a good thing. Sure Bryce could’ve done some crazy Hollywood diet to slim down to a sample size in order to fit in a borrowed dress, but what kind of message does that send? Instead she stayed true to herself and just went out and did her own thing, something I commend.

It should also be noted that the iconic Jamie Lee Curtis ALSO wore a dress that she owns to the Golden Globes.

Jamie Lee Curtis+2016+Golden+Globes

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