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Put the “Gift” Back in Valentine’s Day Gift

If ever there is one holiday where the gift card is tabu it’s Valentine’s Day. Whether you are giving a gift to you partner, lover, or self, this is the one holiday where getting a gift card to Starbucks or AMC is going to be met with some serious eyeshade. You could go the usual route and buy roses for Valentines day from Roses Only, or go for a nice dinner. Or maybe you push the boat out a bit more and invest in a timepiece from somewhere like WatchShopping for your man (or woman). Of course, the expense of your gift may depend on how much you are truly willing to spend on your other half. I once had someone buy me unranked smurfs accounts because they thought I liked gaming, which is all well and good but I personally like my V-Day gifts to be a little more on the permanent side.

Are you going to be wanting to get them a few gifts, you know a box of chocolates, some flowers and then the main gift? You gentleman! For the chocolates you could look into these personalised chocolate boxes and make the box special for your special someone.

I’m talking about jewelry of course. To be more specific, I’m talking about the new Valentine’s Day collection from PANDORA.

If Jewellery is something you are not too interested in or would like an idea of what to give your other half, why not go for something like custom coins– to commemorate your first date or a date that has significance for you both. It will be both thoughtful and something to keep forever.

PANDORA has become of one of go-to jewelry lines thanks to their vast collection of rings, necklaces, earrings and of course charm bracelets.

Now I’ve given the new PANDORA Valentines Day collection a good and through browsing and just in-case anyone is second guessing how much I actually do love this collection, I bought this all with my own, hard earned cash as my annual Valentine’s Day gift to myself.

While the whole collection is great I really found myself drawn to a few of the charms, some rings for stacking and a simple pair of earrings. Even better is there is something for every budget as the collection ranges from $35 to $375. You can shop my favorites or find your own now online or in a PANDORA store near you.


Joined Together Charm l Wild Hearts Charm l Lock of Love Charm l Hearts Earrings


Sparkling Bow Ring l Dazzling Daisy Ring l Floral Elegance Ring


Silver Bangle Charm Bracelet With 14K Gold Clasp l Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet

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