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Packing Like a Pro: The Dopp Kit Checklist


Traveling is the best. Packing, on the other hand, is the WORST. If you’re like me, you save packing for a trip until the absolute last possible second so it ends up being a mad dash (with a lot of forgotten essentials…). For some reason, it always seems like my toiletries end up casualties of last-minute packing (there’s nothing worse than being forced to shell out $14 for a 1 oz. contact solution at your destination).

Don’t be like me!

It really doesn’t take much time to plan ahead and pack a dopp kit worthy of a gentleman. We’ve laid out some essentials below that will keep you stylish and well-groomed on the go. Like to keep things simple? Don’t worry, we have a recommendation for a grab-and-go dopp kit at the bottom of this page.

Saddleback Leather Travel Case ($181)

If you really want to travel in style, upgrade your dingy old dopp kit to something classy. Toting around mini-toiletries has never felt so stylish!

Every Man Jack Deodorant ($6)

There’s no need to go out of your way to get a travel size deodorant – just use what you like!

Toothpaste (varies)

I hope that this is a given…

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush ($219)

This sleek-as-hell toothbrush comes with its own travel case/charger hybrid.

Facial Cleanser & Shampoo (varies)

Traveling is no time to try a new face wash, so grab a travel size version of what you currently use or invest $1 in a travel bottle (also great for your favorite shampoo).

Lip Balm ($8)

Between airplane air and not staying hydrated enough, your lips are asking for it!

Trimmer ($49)

Unless you’re travelling for business and need to be clean-shaven, skip dealing with shaving cream and razors while you’re on the go.

Contact Essentials (varies)

For someone who’s vision is as terrible as mine is, you’d think I’d be better about remembering this one…

Minimergency Kit for Him ($14)

A lot can go down when you’re on the go, so it’s best to be prepared.

Curating your own dopp kit too much for you? That’s cool – just grab a pre-packed one. We like this one from Baxter of California ($50):


Tyler Williams is a NYC-based publicist and blogger of NY by Tyler.

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