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OUAT Recap: The Secret Life of King Arthur

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time, do not read, turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to to read away!***


WOW, King Arthur needs to book some quality time with Archy ASAP. With that in mind, lets recap tonight’s The Broken Kingdom shall we.

In a village far far away, Young stable boy Arthur and young Guinevere talk about how their future plans for Camelot based off what the Merlin tree told Art.

Camelot (5 years ago): Arthur finds the broken the sword in the stone and goes bat shit crazy with trying to fix it. So much so that he misses his own wife’s birthday party to try to figure out a scroll. Thankfully Lancelot planned a pretty kick-ass party include the Queen’s favorite flowers. Arthur spoils the Queen’s fun to tell her he figured it out, that the dagger is in the Dark One’s vault, so naturally Guin and Lance go off searching for it so that Arthur can finally become the king he was meant to be.


Turns out the quest was easier said than done.  They found the vault and the dagger but low and behold there was Rumple waiting for them.  He obviously isn’t going to be  giving up that dagger but instead offers them a deal. If they give him Merlin’s gauntlet (you know the one we saw Belle use on Rumple last season) he will give them a vile of sand from Avalon. Just a pinch of this sand can mend was is broken and give Excalibur the appearance of being whole.  Guinevere quickly makes the deal and heads off back to fix the sword and get her husband back. Too bad she is married to someone who is crazy with his obsession. He sees Lancelot’s goodbye as a threat and after loosing his chill that Guin doesn’t actually have the dagger, she gives him a choice: either he gives up this mad quest or she’s out. Arthur has another idea, he uses the sand on his wife so that she’ll stay with him (dick move BTW) and then uses the sand to literally build Camelot out of nothing.

Camelot (present day): After seeing Rumple in her head and almost blowing up Hook, it is determined that Emma needs some good old peace and quite to recover and Henry knows just the spot. As soon as the kids are out of earshot, David and Snow blow-up at each other. See David wants to put all his trust in King Arthur and give him the dagger while Snow wants to follow Lancelot’s lead and not trust the King till they know more.  So how to find out who is right, guess a little test is in order. This includes David going to Arthur with the truth, Snow and Lancelot searching out for the Dark One’s vault to hide the dagger their and Arthur following them.  Turns out Lancelot was right, Arthur follows them and threatens to kill Snow if she doesn’t give him the dagger. Well the joke’s on him, its a fake dagger with David telling him, Arthur might put his kingdom first, but David will always put his family first.


Using Granny’s as a temp prison, they try to figure out what to do with the dreadful King. Unfortunately, just like how Charming will always find Snow, Guinevere will always find Arthur. Lancelot is quick to realize that something is right and deduces that Arthur used the sands of Avalon on her. It is that fate that awaits Snow and Charming as Guin sands them into trusting them and they quickly tell Regina and Robin they need to give the real dagger to Arthur. Lancelot, who was taken to the dungeon, makes a new friend in Merida.

While mommy and daddy were squaring off against the Arthur Henry takes Hook and Emma to a stable that just happens to be owned by Violet’s family.  This leads to a cute little family moment as Hook and Emma realize Henry has his first crush. To help get rid of Rumple’s voice in her head, Hook decides to “barrow” a horse and taken Emma on a run which leads to a make-out session in a field of flowers.

Storybrooke: Emma has coward Rumple tied up as she explains to him that she will make him into the hero she needs. How you ask? Easy, she is going to employ Merida into making him Brave, not that Merida has much choice seeing as Emma has her heart.


“I like this tale already” – Hook

“Since Regina left it in her room, I say finders keepers” – Rumple

“Swan, stop listening to that demon in your head and get on the horse.” – Hook

“You still think we can get back there, to Storybrooke and some picket fence life?” – Emma

“You tried to tricky me a fancy title and a comfy chair” – David

“I’ll never stop fighting for us, all you have to do is trust me” – Hook

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