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OUAT Recap: Hello from the Other Side

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen tonight’s winter finale of Once Upon A Time, do not read, turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to to read away!***


Well folks tonight was a doozy, so many tears, so much wine, and to think we now have to wait three months till we get our OTP back. I guess there is nothing let to do but recap, so here we go.


Killian’s Past: Tonight we got the long awaited backstory to Killian Jones. It all started with his father, Brennan (played by actor Adam Croasdell), comforting a young Killian after a nightmare. However, when Killian woke once again his father was gone, trading his two sons for a rowboat in order to avoid being arrested at the next port. Fast forward a few hundred years to and Regina puts Killian to test to make sure he is capable of taking out Cora. Turns out Regina’s test is to see if Killian is strong enough to kill his own father who, thanks to sleeping curse, is still alive. After some strong words, Killian agrees to get his father out of town when Brennan drops a bomb, he has another son. As Killian goes to give his father (and half-brother) their way out of town, he finds out that Brennan named his new son Liam after his old (now dead) son. Turns out Killian didn’t take too kindly to that and killed his father, leaving his little brother without a dad, so the circle can continue. Let’s see how this will come back to bite him in the ass shall we.


Storybrooke Present:  The dark ones are coming, the dark ones are coming. Where is Paul Revere when you need him?? Nimue and the whole D.O. gang has descended upon our quaint little town with the end goal of staying. See the rules of the underworld are a 1:1 trade. So the Dark Ones mark the town members with whom they are trading places and Emma and Co only have until the moon is at its zenith to figure out a way to stopping Dark Hook and Nimue. While Snow, Charming and Henry all have one last family dinner at Granny’s, Regina and Robin send Zelena back to OZ, and Rumple sends Belle over the town line, Emma comes up a plan. She is going to channel all of the darkness into Excalibur and use it to snuff out the darkness aka sacrifice herself to save everyone. The only hiccup? Hook.


See Dark Hook is so hell bent on his revenge that he is willing to sacrifice the whole damn town to kill Rumple, so he tricks him (by being Henry) into giving him the sword. So as they are all preparing to die and Emma is being held off by Nimue, it’s Regina who makes the hail Mary and FINALLY gets through to Hook buy bringing up what he did to his father and asking him if this is the man he wants to be. Turns out it’s not. That little speech roused Killian Jones the hero, who did what Emma was going to, snuff out the darkness. Only problem here, was that Emma had to now kill her true love and watch him die…again.


After all the feels and tears and more feels, Emma hears a familiar whisper, the lure of the Dark One’s dagger. Turns out Rumple tricked them all. He turned Excalibur into a conduit so that when Hook though he was destroying all the Dark One’s evil, he was just transferring it back into a dagger in Rumples possession. Which mean’s Hook died for nothing. The solution? To the underworld they shall go to get back Hook, otherwise Emma is going to tell Belle all about the crap Rumple just pulled.



“I’ve giving into love”Emma

“I think you’re gonna like what comes next, the trick where I get my revenge”Hook

“What kind of man do you want to be?”Breean

So are the fairies just full-time nannies now? Watching over Roland, Neal, and Baby Hood?

Also, so does Henry just not go to school anymore?

Anyone else have MAJOR Buffy/Angel feels when Emma had to kill Killian?

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