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Once Upon A Time Teasers from The D23 Expo

Oncers, there was a small Once Upon A Time panel today at the Disney D23 Expo and boy did they not disappoint. Now, I don’t have ALL the details about what they talked about BUT I can share the following.

Adam, Eddy, Ginnifer and Lana were on hand to show off the first few minutes of the season 5 premiere “The Dark Swan” and it includes a few tidbits including that the Hook/Robin confrontation we saw from on-set fan photos. We also learn a big rule about summoning the dark one.

Next, it looks like we will finally get the iconic magical rose in the jar from Beauty in the Beast this season. While I don’t know the context of HOW it will be used, I can share this photo!!  We also got a new look at Merida, again we don’t know how she will be introduced but my money is she will be in Camelot.

Finally, here is a photo that first debuted in EW of Rumple helping newly minted Dark One, Emma. I am guessing this scene happens shortly after she vanishes from Storybrooke as her hair and skin are not yet glittery.

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