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Once Upon A Time Recap ~ Wanted, One Saviour

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time, do not read, turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to to read away!***

Tonight’s episode, “The Price”, really lived up to its name as the overall theme was about the price one must pay to magic.  Lots to discuss so let’s recap shall we?

Camelot: The gang is welcomed into Camelot and are told that not only have they been expecting for about a decade but also they have a great ball planned in their honor. Killian however wants to waste no time looking for Merlin as he wants his woman back to her light, saviour self. Turns out King Arthur knows exactly where Merlin is…a tree, the trick is getting him out. The real problem however is the Arthur and the gang are expecting the saviour to free Merlin, so when they ask for the saviour to step forward, there is an awkward pause, since you know the saviour and the dark one are one in the same. Regina decides to take on the role of saviour and uses that dagger Emma gave her to stop her from coming forward, which ticks Emma off to no end. Back in Merlin’s tower/room, Emma and Regina have a heart to heart where the reformed E.Q. explains that if Emma came forward as the saviour, she would be expected to to use her magic which would only speed up the darknesses hold.


After a few sweet moments where Regina admits to Snow and Charming she doesn’t know how to dance since the Evil Queen didn’t attend many balls which lead to Charming giving her a waltzing 101 class. This was followed by Snow FINALLY being able to help her daughter get ready for a ball. Say what you will about Snow, this was moment she deserved. And speaking of moments, Henry has his first crush (cues the awww’s). After bonding over how lame the ball is, he showed Violet his iPod (which works across realms) and turns out Henry is into early 80’s pop as Yazzo’s ‘Only You’ blasted out into a short but sweet Hook/Emma dance sequence.

Alas, you can’t have a ball without drama. Turns out Knight Perceval has a score to settle with Regina. Back in her E.Q. days she maybe, kinda, totally destroyed his village and family, but left him alive with his anger and years of planning his revenge. Naturally this lead to Perceval trying to stab Regina with an enchanted sword. Regina avoided the deadly blade because Robin took the blow meant for her as David sprung into action and killed Perceval, all while King Arthur stood there like this is all perfectly normal for a Camelot ball.


Since the blade of the sword was spelled to kill Regina, her magic is useless in saving Robin, which means the only one who can save him is Emma. After promising everyone she will be fine, Rumple appears again warning her all magic comes with a price, and Regina needs to be prepared to pay it. Emma is successful in saving Robin, but turns to Hook for a passionate smooth hoping to trigger TLK (True Love’s Kiss), but sadly it doesn’t work, and we see Emma start to take on a very distinctive trait of the Dark One…skin that looks like a glitter bomb or if your Hook, a crocodile.

Our Camelot flashback ends with King Arthur apologizing for Perceval’s actions and saying that Camelot is a place of second chances. As Emma watches from the staircase, she hears Regina taking the credit for saving Robin and still pretending to be the saviour and we see want looks anger in her eyes.

Storybrooke: Once again the dwarves take it upon themselves to figure out what happens if you cross the town line. The good news is you don’t lose your memories, the bad news is you get turned into a tree (poor Dopey). As Grumpy put it, they [the town] can survive a Snow Queen, Pan, and the Trio of Evil but not Emma, because not only is Emma one of them, she is the one that saved them from the baddies.


At the Harbor, Henry summons his Dark One mother who is quick to point out that when she said everyone had failed her she didn’t mean him (and I’m guessing Hook), but before Henry could get anymore info, Regina showed up. Emma reminded her that the town has no saviour which is too bad as something is coming that only the saviour can stop.

Out is the woods, the gang helps to get the residents of Camelot settled in their new digs of tents, in the woods. If I went from my nice, posh room in a freaking castle to a deluxe tent in the middle of the forest, I would be pissed. Turns out trouble is lurking and it has set its sight on Robin who is dragged away.


While Robin is being dragged off, Hook is trying to see if can try to get TLK to work (again) by engaging Emma in a pretty damn hot makeout session. No dice. As Emma puts it, TLK didn’t work because this is who she is now and is getting a little more than frustrated that no one is accepting this. She does however invite Hook to stay, but he does the right thing and leaves. Emma’s next visitor is Regina, who tries to get the Dark One to call off her monster, to which Emma informs her that she didn’t conjure it, Regina did. The monster is here because a price wasn’t paid, the price is a life for a life, as in Robin’s life.

After Regina was done bitching and moaning, she managed to save the day with a little help. At the customary celebration at Granny’s, Hook drowns his sorrow with rum while Henry has a little deja-vu moment with Violet at the jukebox as he once again plays Yazzo’s ‘Only You’ as Emma watches from outside.

Back at the Dark One’s new digs, we discover that Excalibur is back in its stone and is in Emma’s basement. Looks the Dark One is looking to make the sword whole again in order to truly snuff out the light.


“Hating a dark one is a lot easier than loving one.”Belle “Oh shut up and listen”Regina “Just because I’m the dark one doesn’t mean we still can’t be together”Emma “Sorry Swan, this may be who you think you are. But this isn’t who I am” – Hook

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