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Once Upon A Time Recap ~ Meet Your New Dark One

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen tonight’s season finale of Once Upon A Time, do not read, turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to to read away!***

In true Once Upon A Time fashion, the season 4 finale was jam packed with buttoning up the current story arch as well as introducing next seasons new big bad.


The 2-hour finale mainly took place an in alternate universe Enchanted Forest where Rumpelstiltskin is a knight known as the White One, Regina is a bandit being pursued by the Evil Queen Snow White and her heartless Charming, Robin Hood is engaged to Zelena and Captain Killian “Hook” Jones is a deck hand for Blackbeard.  The new story is called Heroes and Villains that has put Isaac on the New York Times Best Seller list.  Only problem is Henry, see when the rest of the town of Storybrooke all up and vanished, he remained seeing as he was born in the real world.


Upon traveling to the AU Henry’s mission is to get Regina to crash Robin and Zelena’s wedding so true love’s kiss can break the spell and put everything into the right order. Only problem, Regina doesn’t believe a word Henry is saying. To help jog her memory, Henry gets deck hand Hook to help him break out Emma from the tower she has been locked in. Turns out that even with all the power the quill gives Isaac he still could not write out Emma aka The Saviour so when Henry rescues her she remembers everything.


While Regina, Emma and Henry race to stop Robin’s wedding, Isaac visits Rumple to tell him that he cannot allow this to happen or he will return to his villainous ways. So as Rumple gets ready to kill Henry, Regina stands in his way and takes the killing blow. In order to get everything back the way it was, Henry grabs the quill (which glows blue the sign that a new Author has been chosen), charges it on Regina’s new saviour blood and writes the ending, putting them all back in Storybrooke.


Being back in Storybrooke means Rumples heart is still going to die, after Belle confesses that she does still love him, she races off to tell the town who are -as per usual- celebrating at Granny’s. The Old Man aka the Sorcerer’s Apprentice tries to contain the darkness in the hat but shocker that doesn’t work. He explains that the Sorcerer made it so that the darkness needed to be tethered to a human soal that could be controlled so naturally it is going after Regina.


So is Regina once again the big bad? Nope, see Emma made her a promise, that she would get her happy ending, which meant that Emma took Regina’s place after pleading with her parents to find the Sorcerer to fix this and FINALLY telling Hook that she loves him.

Emma Swan is the new Dark One.


So who is the Sorcerer you ask, while good thing they answered that, turns out it’s Merlin.


“Rum? I’m allergic, never touch the stuff”Hook after telling Emma this trusty flask is full of goat’s milk.

“You don’t have to yell, I will always find you”Dark Charming after Evil Snow summon’s him by yelling into this heart.

Anyone else notice that the date of Isaac’s flashback was 1966 when Walt Disney died and that Sorcerer’s Apprentice tells Isaac that the former author just passed.

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