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Once Upon A Time Recap: The Woes of Ursula

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time, do not read, turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to to read away!***

FINALLY our dear old Capt. Hook gets some quality screen time and as a bonus he spends half of the episode dressed up in is finest pirate attire.

Turns out Ursula’s happy ending is getting her singing voice, which was stolen from her by a combo of Hook and Ursula’s daddy Poseidon.  In flashbacks we see how Hook actually kept up his “Good Form” code and wanted to actually help mermaid Ursula escape her father as she spared his ship from wrecking on the rocks. Too bad daddy dearest went and screwed Hook over, so in turn Hook took Ursula’s voice and kept it locked in his safe…on the Jolly Rodger…which he traded in order to get back to Emma.

If you’re asking how Ursula went from mermaid to octopus/sea which, well thank daddy for that one. After Hook took her voice, Ursula turned herself in the creature so that she would be more powerful than her father.

Back in Storybrooke, Ursula manages to summon back the Jolly Rodger, which is where Hook was keeping the voice containing shell. After a few drops of “Drink Me” potion from Wonderland (courtesy Will Scarlet), the good ole Rolly Jodger was back to it full form and Ursula was so close to getting her voice back…too bad only the one who enchanted the sea-shell of doom can restore it. Thankfully Ariel (who was shrunk with the ship by mistake when Elsa punished Blackbeard) went and fetched dear old dad and boom happyending restored.

As for Rumple’s plan, looks like in order for the villains to get the Author to re-write their happy endings, the Saviour must have a heart full of darkness as she is responsible for giving the heroes their current happy ending.

Elsewhere in Storybrooke, plus memorable quotes

*August went from being an 8yr old, to his grown-up self, to a wooden puppet, back to human self all in the span of an hour. That has to feel like one hell of a hangover.

*Hook needs to re-incorporate the pirate jacket into this wardrobe ASAP

* “Never mess with a women who has eight hands, especially when you only have one” – Ursula

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