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Once Upon A Time Recap: The Honor Code

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time, do not read, turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to to read away!***

Its not often that I welcome back a villain with open arms but I say this will the love in my heart WELCOME BACK ZELENA!! Why am I so happy to have the Green Bitch back you ask? Easy, she is sassy and gives zeros f**ks about anything. She takes action and doesn’t draw shit out (unlike our current Queens of “Darkness”). Quite simply, having Zelena back will hopefully be the shock to this flatlining story arch.

This week’s episode was catching up with our favorite thief Robin Hood. Turns out that Regina gave him cash, money, a cell phone, and the keys to Neal’s (Baelfire’s) house, which I guess she got from Emma? After chasing down a purse thief via horse, Robin and crew start to set up shop with Rumple stops by. As he’s trying to kick them out, he collapses. Turns out our dear old Mr. Gold’s heart is literally as black as coal and needs magic to survive and wouldn’t you know it, the potion that Rumple needs just happens to be hidden in Walsh’s furniture store. After doing a little B&E and having an spat with Marian, Robin brokers a deal: the potion for the crappy apartment.

Back in the E.F., turns out Robin was trying to be reformed thief after his marriage to Marian by becoming a barkeep. As most reformed citizens know, becoming a law abiding person comes with that pesky responsibility of paying taxes and our dear Robin has is a bit behind in payments as the creepy Sherif of Nottingham reminded him. As Robin tries to figure out how to come up with the cash, The Dark One shows up with his never ending supply of gold straw. All Robin has to do is travel to OZ, steal a bit of heart repairing potion, and not get killed while doing it.  Robin does steal the potion but ends up giving it to Will Scarlet, whom he met when his portal landed on an OZ guard. Since he didn’t get the golden straw from Rumple, Robin goes back to old ways with is new motto “steal from the rich and give to the poor”.

Back in the real world, Rumple’s little heart potion isn’t working and for good reason. Its non-drowsy cold meds. Switched by who you ask? Cue the entrance of Zelena masking as Maid Marian carrying the real potion. Turns out that when Queen Green “died” las season she didn’t really croak. She followed Emma and Hook to the past and killed the real Marian and took her place, hoping to at least somehow still kill Regina’s happy ending. So now she makes a deal with Rumple. The REAL heart curing potion for her happy ending.


-How pissed to do you think Zelena was when got the wrath of the frozen heart spell from Ingrid? -Why didn’t Emma give Regina to her condo? It was much nicer and I’m sure could do with a good cleaning. -“This is this NEW York, I’d hate to have seen the old one.” – Marian/Zelena -I’m actually kinda happy that Emma isn’t letting Snow & Charming off the hook (no pun intended). What they did was horrible, they need to stop trying to rationalize it. -What does a reformed thief do for work in modern day NYC???

Next week is looks like its time for Cruella’s story. Which means we need to put Pongo in hiding.

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