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Once Upon A Time Recap – Secrets Don’t Make Friends

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time, do not read, turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to to read away!***

I feel like season 4B of OUAT is going for the slow lead up with this Queens of Darkness storyline. This week was devoted to finding out just what kind of secret Snow and David are keeping from Emma and its bad…like really bad.

As David and Emma tail the dastardly duo, Rumple is down in the caves getting the dragon formally known as Maleficent ready for a bit of magic. During what I can only assume is an illegal search of Cruella’s car, David finds what was stolen but announces that “this car is clean” all while pocketing the trinket that was in fact stollen.

While Snow and David run around town trying to keep Maleficent from coming back and thus ensuring their secret never sees the light of day, Emma is dealing with Hook and his need to keep her in the dark about his past with Ursula. After a tense moment in station, Emma “summons” Hook back and let’s him know its okay just as long as he doesn’t lie to her. As she is giving her “my parents would never lie to me” speech, said parents are right around the corner with guilty looks all over their faces.

The show ends with yet another midnight rendezvous, this time between Regina and Snow. Snow asks Regina to go under-cover with her old pals and find out what exactly they want. Snow also fills Regina in on why Maleficent is so hell bent on ruining her happy ending.

Enchanted Forest: After a honeymoon spent fighting Medusa, Snow and David return to find their castle under a sleeping curse and

In the dark of the night Maleficent makes a true plea to Snow, that she too is expecting a child and they need to work together to stop Regina, for the sake for both their children. Snow instead turns her away, telling Mal that they will win but they will not comprise who they are.

The trinket that David pocket earlier turned out to be a babies rattle, that we see Maleficent shake with tears in her eyes.

Other Notables:

* Operation Mongoose is getting boring. This week had Regina yelling a Pinocchio and Henry making sure Mom #2 got the correct type of donut.

* Looks like Belle has moved on from Rumple and found comfort in the arms of the Knave of Hearts.

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