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Once Upon A Time Recap – Lily Pad

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time, do not read, turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to to read away!***

Welcome to May sweeps season people aka the time when all the exciting storylines finally happen. This “Queens of Darkness” story arch on OUAT has gone painfully slow and its just in the last few weeks the storylines have picked up and become interesting.  Tonight’s episode “Lily” was the episode I was most excited to see because we finally get to meet adult Lily who we now know is Maleficent’s long-lost daughter.

After the reveal that Maid Marian is actually Zelena, Regina and Emma’s road-trip got delayed due to the unfortunate kidnapping of Henry and killing of Cruella. Now the Mom Duo has to make another stop out in the LWOM (Land Without Magic), find and pick-up Lilith and bring her back to Storybrooke. Sounds easy enough.

As is her way, Lily does not make this task easy. First she faked her death and is now going by the name Starla and working a as waitress at a run-down diner. Making matters more complicated Lily somehow knows all about Storybrooke, Prince Charming and Snow’s dirty secret, and who her mother really is thanks to the stalker board Regina and Emma find in her house. After trying to make-off with the bug containing the scroll to get back into Storybrooke, Emma and her once BFF finally hash it out in total chick fight style. It ends with Emma pulling her gun on Lily and thanks to the darkness that is starting to take hold on her heart (thanks Rumple), it takes Regina talking her down to put down the gun and talk it out like the adults they are.

Now that Lily has been picked-up, its time to get Robin Hood out of Zelena’s clutches. After first thinking Regina has lost her damn mind, Zelena shows her true colors to the whole gang and giving Lily her first look a magic. The big reveal however is that Marian Zelena is knocked up, so the hits just keep on coming for poor OutlawQueen.

In the flashbacks we see the breaking point that was Lily and Emma’s “friendship” that including Lily being part of an armed B&E, stealing Emma’s foster family’s vacation cash, and getting Emma kicked out of said foster family. On the bus back to who knows where, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice appears and starts to tell Lily the truth as he realizes that due to his actions, the girls’ fate will forever be tied together.


-Back in the SB, the annoying parent duo of Snow and David try to apologize to Mal to no available. In turn Mal tells them that who they really need to seek forgiveness from is Lily but based of the Revenge style red x’s through their faces we saw back on her stalker board, I’d say that forgiveness is a long-shot.

-Rumple got Will to steal back Belle’s heart and actually did a decent thing by letting her go.

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