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Once Upon A Time Recap – Darkness on the Edge of Town

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time, do not read, turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to to read away!***

We made it folks, after 10 long-ish weeks we welcomed back the residents of Storybrooke for the kick off of season 4B of Once Upon A Time aka The Queens of Darkness.

Present Day Storybrooke: We pick up about 6-weeks since the mid-season finale and there have been some changes.  Snow is back at the school teach, Regina is back as the Mayor, Granny is playing the role of the Nanny, Hook is helping Belle with research and while Emma is still the law in town.  Overall everything is simple and quiet.

Turns out all the research that Hook and Belle have been doing was in hope of freeing the fairies from the hat and thanks to a professor

We all know that in Storybrooke the quiet doesn’t last for long and just like that there is a new monster in town, in the from that is a combo bat/gargoyle. What does he want?  Well turns out this lovely creature goes after the heart that the most dark potential. Naturally everyone assumes its after Regina (include Regina) but after the combined forces of Emma and Regina’s magic only stunned the creature, a well time phone call comes in, from Ursula or as Regina calls her, the Sea-Bitch.

I’ll get to Ursula and Cruella in a minute. The only way Regina and Emma can think to defeat the beast is to send it over the town line and a lama-speed chase begins AND that is where we’ll see if anyone was really paying attention.  During the chase, Regina left the car and yet the beast was still attacking and trying to get to Emma, who as we saw in the promos, might have heart that can be molded for the dark side.

While Emma and Hook had dinner at Granny’s, Snow and Charming were meeting up with the new residents in the middle of the woods…at night. Ya, nothing good comes from these meetings. It sounds like there is a secret that Mama and Papa Charming don’t want Emma finding out because if she does, while Snow made the threat to rip out Cruella and Ursula’s hearts herself.

The finding Cruella part of the story was a little rushed but needless to say, by the mid-way mark of the episode Cruella, Ursula, and Rumple were headed to Storybrooke and how they get in was a little too easy.

The deal was that Ursula would give Regina/Emma the info they needed to defeat the beast thing IF they were granted access into town.  So how do they do that, well it seems like Ingrid’s (The Snow Queen) magical scroll has the power to make the town visible. See, they didn’t even have to really work for it.

Once Ms. Fur and Sea-Witch were in town, they kept up their end of the deal and let Rumple back in. Turns out Rumple was the “man behind the curtain” to make these events happen aka the expert from Oxford Belle was talking to (wonder how she will feel about the truth when it comes out).

Flashbacks: This weeks flashbacks really just pieced together what kind of power Cruella has and how they all know each other. It also explains how Rumple got his hands on the dark curse to begin with.

What did you think of the kick off to The Queens of Darkness story arc? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter via @entertainista.

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