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Once Upon A Time: 6 Things You Need to Know About #DarkSwan

Oncers, there is light at the end of tunnel as our beloved Once Upon A Time returns this Sunday! I managed to get a sneak peak at the season 5 premiere and here are 6 non-spoiler things you need to know about from “The Dark Swan”.

  1. Eddie and Adam are not going to keep us waiting to introduce us to some of the new heavy hitters. We will be seeing Camelot (and possibly Merlin) before the episode ends.

  1. Merida isn’t lacking spunk. Amy Manson is pretty much a living, breathing carbon copy of the Pixar character

  1. Get ready for another time jump ala season 3B. For those who have been following the vastly confusing set photos via Tumblr, I will say that the mix of Camelot and Storybrooke will make more sense sooner rather than later.

  2. Don’t count Rumple out just yet. While his Storybrooke counterpart Mr. Gold might be taking a little time-out, his Dark One alter-ego is ready to play, and not in the fun way, more like the creepy kid from Pet Cemetery way.

  1.  Zelena is still wickedly awesome. Seriously, upping Rebecca to series regular was the best choice Eddie & Adam have made in good while.

  2. Hook will be very present. If you were thinking that Storybrooke’s resident pirate pretty much sat on the sidelines for most of last year, you weren’t the only one. I can tell you that Hook is much present and accounted for in this episode.

Kinda Bonus! Join me on YouTube every Sunday for Let’s Chat OUAT, a new weekly video series where I will be recapping each new episode right after it airs on the east coast. Make sure to subscribe to EntertainistaTV on YouTube to keep up on all new episodes.

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