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#NYFW | Christian Siriano Spring 2016


New York Fashion Week has become a over saturated sea of the same people, looks, and models, it’s become a cluster-f**k to be honest. That is why when I had to choose between NYFW or my Disney vacation later this fall, it wasn’t really a hard call, with one exception, Christian Siriano. Long time readers know that I adore Christian, he is warm and inviting and loves to dress women, no matter their shape or size. This was evident when he designed and dress the amazing Leslie Jones this summer when no other designer would and when he partner with Lane Bryant to create and STUNNING plus-size collection that blew my mind away. I say all of this because I was a little heartbroken when I was left off the list of those to got an invite to the show, but it was my choice to skip the season altogether, plus his show was live streamed so I didn’t totally miss out.


As usual Siriano’s collection top notch. Full of movement, texture, bright pops of colour, and plus-size models. Yes, you read that last bit correctly, Christian literally broke the NYFW mold today by including four plus-size models in his runway show. I dare you to come up with ANY OTHER designer who has done this. Done racking your brain? It’s because, to my knowledge, no other major, mainstream designer as said F**K It, given the traditional model mold the middle finger and done something so mind blowing, and you know that it is equal parts amazing and sad.


I say sad because as much as we talk about loving your body, standing up to fat shaming, etc, NYFW is still stuck in the fashion dark ages and only including women in the usual size 0-2 range, making those like me (a size 24) feel like crap. When 67% of women in America identify as plus-size, you’d think the CFDA and the rest of America’s designers would wake up. In fact, Tim Gunn just wrote an amazing piece on how he is fed up with the whole fashion system ignoring women who dare to be over a size 12. I really hope Tim saw Christian’s show today, because it was a breath of fresh air in the middle of yet another recycled air season that is NYFW.

So to Christian I say THANK YOU, thank you for proving that women of any size and be fashionable, chic, and drop dead glamourous.

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