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Nicholas K Fall 2014

Nicholas K’s Fall Winter 2014 collection holds true to the brand’s signature draping and seemingly free-flowing structure with the always present flavor of New York City’s downtown edge.

Favored colors of this collection are indigo, burgundy and lots of heather grey.

There’s a Sochi-Olympic inspired feel with lots of burgundy and grey “ear headbands” and striking fury grey hooded scarves (or “snoods” as I call them!).

In contrast to all this winter-friendly headgear are lots of crop tops, like the “one shoulder bra top midnight”, paired with drop-crotch pants.

An interesting motif throughout the collection are rope embellishments seen in the “braided sweater rope heather” and the “Maine hat rope”. [portfolio_slideshow size=custom width=600 autoplay=false random=false centered=true carousel=true navstyle=graphical navpos=top pagerstyle=thumbs pagerpos=top]

Image Credit/Brittany Lamson Photograpahy 

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