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#MondayMakeover Ditch the Itch

Here is the not so fun side they never tell you about when you have platinum hair…dandruff. Now, what most people don’t realize is most cases of dandruff is caused by a dry-scalp, which is what I get every 3 months when my roots get touched up. In my case it usually clears up about 3-weeks later but oh the fun I have during those 3 weeks wishing they made calamine lotion for hair. Thankfully there are some decent enough shampoos and conditioners out there that help me power through those itchy weeks, so keep reading for my ditch the itch hair products.


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I really only wash my hair 2 (maybe 3) times a week to prevent my scalp from getting to dry. When I wash my hair in the mornings I reach for the Clear Complete Scalp Care Shampoo & Conditioner. These products are infused with mint & cucumber for a soothing yet energizing wash. I saw also instant results when I first tried this and my scalp feel much better each wash.


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When I got for the night hair wash, I use the new Head & Shoulders Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner. Head & Shoulders has of course been my go-to dry scalp hair wash for years but this new collection is infused with lavender which really calms down my scalp. The lavender also helps to relax me and preps me for a good night’s sleep, so it’s really win-win on all counts.

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