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Monday Makeover – Let’s Talk About Bronzers, Baby

I will admit, when bronzers first came on the scene, I was not a fan. Back in the day bronzers were in this kinda “one size fits all” mentality and let me tell you, as someone with a fair complexion, I couldn’t use the same bronzer as someone with a deeper skin tone or someone who had less pink in their skin than me.

Thankfully we’ve come along way since those bleak bronzer days and now we are in bronzer overkill, where just one stroll down the makeup aisle will give at least 20 different bronzer options, more if you head to Sephora or Ulta.

The bronzer I choose to wear on any given day has as much thought process going into it as which shoes or handbag I will wear, yes its that important. Do I want a more beachy look? Do I just want a subtle glow? Do I want a bronzer/blush combo? OR if it’s winter time, how do I add just enough color to not look dead? These are all questions I ask myself while getting ready, which means I need to have several bronzers at the ready.

This is where Too Faced comes to the rescue with their Bronzer Wardrobe and the Little Black Book of Bronzers. I was given the chance to try their Ultimate Bronzer Wardrobe box which contained all 8 of their bronzer shades including the newest addition, Dark Chocolate Soleil. While the box would set you back over $100, the Little Black Book will get you all the same shades for under $50.


The best thing about this collection is the freedom of choice, no longer am I stuck to just one or two bronzers, I have 8 to really choose from.  If I am going for a quick look I’ll use Pink Leopard as a blush/bronzer combo, Beach Bunny is my go to for a “just from the beach” glow, while Endless Summer is what I use for a long day of meetings and events, plus Snow Bunny has always been my winter bronzer go to.

Don’t forget the perfect brush,  the retractable Kabuki Brush is my new must-have for bronzer application. It gives the perfect coverage, is great for travel, and is made from Too Faced’s “Teddy Bear” hair aka no animals were harmed in the making of this brush.

The Little Black Book of Bronzers is available for a limited time a Too Faced and Sephora, so hurry up and get yours before they disappear like a good summer sunset.

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