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May The Force Be With Me

I’m a nerd, I come of a family of proud nerds, and if The Avengers is our Super Bowl than Star Wars: The Force Awakens is our Olympics.

Naturally this means that myself and my cousins went all out for the release of the 7th Star Wars film a few weeks back.  In fact, I even flew down to Virginia with a raging ear infection because I’d be damned if I was going to miss this. See while I’ve see all the previous Star Wars films, this was the first time I would be seeing a Star Wars movie in the theaters, so ya, big deal in the Schindele/Jarvis nerd world.

So how does one that doesn’t really do cosplay prepare for an evening of geeking out in a galaxy far, far, away? Why with a little help from ThinkGeek and COVERGIRL.

When doing my annual Christmas shopping, I stumbled upon some Star Wars themed handbags on ThinkGeek. Now since most of my NYC wardrobe is of the black variety, I ordered myself the Captain Phasma bag while my cousin decided to get the BB-8 one (not gonna lie, I’m totally ordering BB-8 because I now need both).  Keeping the whole “Side Theme”, I added a Darth Vader coin purse, some Vader earrings, and of course some of the COVERGIRL Beauty Force collection.

Since that wasn’t Star Wars enough for me, I added an old school Star Wars IV t-shirt to my look with a tulle skirt to had a bit more of chicness to my look, I mean it is ME afterall.

Star Wars Shirt: Target l Tulle Skirt: Eloquii l Handbag: ThnkGeek

After all this prep, I was ready (and armed with antibiotics and painkillers) to get my Star Wars on and IT WAS AWESOME (don’t really no spoilers here).  If I was going to pop my theatrical Star Wars cherry, I was glad it was this awesome film and not the sucky prequels or the re-releases, because let’s be honest we all know that HAN SHOT FIRST (you know what I’m talking about).

So now, here I am basking in my post-Force Awakens bliss, totally ready to see it over and over and over again until it comes out on digital release where I can continue my geeking out in private.

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