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#MakeoverMonday 5 Ways I Use Hair Oils

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Hair oils are the hot newish thing on the beauty market these days. I remember back in the day aka the early 90’s when my older sister was obsessed with the V05 Hot Oil Treatments and I would stand by and watch her apply stick it in a glass of hot water to get it ready for use. These days it’s a hell of alot easier to use hair oil, plus it turns out they are so many uses.

Hair oil of course can be used to moisturize your hair, but it can also add shine, work as a heat protector, help to smooth and fight frizz, seal the hair shaft, and work as an emergency overnight hair masque. Nowadays though there are so many hair oils on the market it can be daunting. So I’m going to breakdown not just my favorites but how I use each one.

First off let us discuss what hair oils are. The most common types are coconut, Jojoba, Argan, and macadamia. I also like using Rare Marula oil. These are all oils that are high in fatty acids and antioxidants, basically all the good stuff for your hair.


I used to think that CBD oil was just another marijuana product that people use as an excuse to get high but then I read https://www.neotericnutra.com/blog/does-marijuana-have-any-of-the-medical-benefits-that-cbd-has and realised how wrong I was! Turns out, it is great for your hair, body and mind. You can use it for health reasons like calming inflammation and for reducing depression (visit yoursnutrition for more). As it says in the article, add some CBD oil to your hair for 10 minutes and it can improve hair growth and boost circulation in the scalp. If you are a little sceptical about using this on your hair, that is understandable. Just like with anything you are not familiar with, it makes sense to be a little worried. If you do want to give it a go though, you might want to look into reading the best cbd review site to find out a bit more about CBD oil. Once you read the benefits this product has, you could be on your way to understanding why this product is a bonus in my list of hair oil essentials.



This is my “air dry” Friday night oil and my overnight masque oil. It’s from hair wunderkind Jen Atkin. It’s got things like African Galanga, Ama, and Asian Borage oils in it. My hair is all shiny and soft after using plus it smells amazing.



Not all hair oils come in oil form. Take Rare Marula’s amazing shampoo and conditioner for example, you get all the benefits of the cold-pressed rare marula oil all in a easy to use shampoo/conditioner. I use this for my mid-week hair wash, it really helps to keep my hair healthy and shiny for the rest of the week.



Dry oil is my final step hair styling my hair. I use it to boost shine but also to help tame flyaways without having to go crazy with the hairspray. It’s also great for smoothing the ends of braids or ponies.



This is a tried and true standard for just about anyone. I spread few drops of the Suave Coconut Oil Treatment evenly throughout my hair before every blow dry. Since I don’t like to over-product my hair, I love that this can work as both a smoothing agent AND a heat protector.



I also use the Rare Marula Style Extending Primer during every blow dry. Since my bleached to death locks need all the help they can get, I figure it can’t hurt to double down on the oils before attacking said locks with a blow dryer for 20-minutes.

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