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Makeover Monday – Tips & Tricks to Longer Lasting Blowouts

I am a blowout junkie. At least once a week you can find me at my local blowout salon getting my hair washed and curled to perfection. The tricky part is keeping it looking that way for many days after.  We’ve all read and heard all different kinds of ways to keep our blowouts in tip top shape but do they really work?

I’ve gathered insight, tips, and insider tricks from some of the top beauty editors and stylists around to see what REALLY works when it comes to keeping out blowouts looking lush.

For refreshing a ‘day old blowout, GLAMSQUAD Creative Director Giovanni Vaccaro says you should ‘ flip head and massage your scalp for instantaneous body and texture. Finish with a texture spray to bring hair back to life. Our creative director Giovanni Vaccaro loves “ VIP” by Kerastase.  If the hairline gets slightly frizzy after a night of sleep, don’t be afraid to take out the blowdryer or straightening iron and re-polish. Giovanni’s pick is the Babyliss Titanium Mini to quickly de-frizz and refresh tired locks.

“I won’t lie. I carry disposable shower caps in my purse at all times says freelance lifestyles writer, Aly Walansky (alittlealytude.com). “Obviously, I put my hair in a high loose bun at night and sleep on satin pillow cases, but REALLY, this is the saving grace. You can get packages of dozens at places like Sally Beauty for just a few bucks, and I stuff them everywhere — coat pockets, purses, workout bags, suitcases. You know your hair will get wet in the shower, but you don’t always know it will randomly start to rain when you leave a restaurant. I also carry such for water rides, dentist visits, anything that my hair may get damp in. (Btw, misty weather counts. Your hair will still frizz!)”

“I know it sounds counter-productive, but, I brush through my hair each evening with a natural-bristle brush. It distributes the oils from root to tip (keeping my hair healthier), but also ensures that there’s no greasy build-up at the root. And, side benefit, it gives a kind of tousled beachy look to otherwise old hair.” – Bryce Gruber, Editor of TheLuxurySpot.com

No touching. I know its tempting to touch and play with your freshly blown out hair, but don’t.  You’re fingers have oil, dirt, and lord knows what else residing on them. All of that residue can weigh down your hair and make it go from glam to ugh quickly. When in doubt, give yourself a mani. That will keep you from tousling those locks.

Lisa Bensley from Beauty by Benz has one trick, and one trick only: “Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo (I get mine at Birchbox- $21).  It’s the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used, hands down.  It doesn’t leave a ton of white residue, which is really saying something considering how much I actually use.  Also, my buddy Matt Fugate at Sally Hershberger Downtown told me one time that you should use dry shampoo as a preventative measure, rather than using it after you’re already greasy.  So these days if I want to preserve a blowout, I’ll put dry shampoo in it the same night that I get it, then I’ll use a little more the next morning when I wake up.  That way it never has the chance to get oily and flat.”

“Since I hate to wash my hair at home, I like to extend my blowouts to the max. I don’t really use dry shampoo because it makes my hair really dry and I haven’t found one that works for me. To extend my blowouts, I sleep thy my hair in a silk scarf at night” recommends Lorna Solano from The Fabulous Report . “It makes a difference on the life of my blowout. When I forget or don’t have one handy, my hair looks a mess the day after. I also used Aveda’s dry remedy oil or a light serum in the mornings to make sure my hair looks its best.”

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