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Makeover Monday – Summer Beauty Hacks

Last week Nicole and I were introduced to some fun new beauty hacks that use baby products, yep I said baby products.  Now these are not things I would normally have on hand but after learning about some of these hacks, I’ll be sure to no longer skip the baby aisle next time I’m in the store.

Keep Sand In the Beach (where it belongs) 

The worst part about going to the beach is tracking all the sand back into your car or house when you’re done. Next time you’re beach bound take a bottle of baby powder with you. The cornstarch in the powder bonds with the sand for easy removal.

Say Goodbye to Dry Cuticles 


Salt water and chlorine can suck the moisture out of your nail beds. A quick way to keep them hydrated is to rub a little shea & coco butter infused baby oil gel into your nail beds every morning, evening or after a day at the pool/beach.

Get those Brushes Squeaky Clean

While its good to use a daily makeup brush cleaner spray, your brushes still need a good deep clean. Baby shampoo is gentle enough for those natural hair bristles but will still get all the dirt, gunk, and bacteria off.  In your on the go, say traveling, try packing some hand & face wipes to keep your brushes clean until you get back home.

Detangle and Condition Hair

We all know that hair needs to be washed as soon as your done at the beach or pool, and we also know that isn’t always possible. Keep a bottle of detangling spray to help get out any snarls and add some moisture back into your hair until you can get to a shower.

Say Goodbye to Raccoon Eyes

Love the smokey eye look but hate the raccoon eye effect you get due to the black smudges left over from falling dark eye shadows? Any easy way to solve that is to apply some baby powder under your eyes. The baby powder will catch the extra shadow and all you have to do is brush it off.

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