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Makeover Monday – January Favorites

January has come and gone and as we enter February it’s once again time for me to share some of my favorite beauty items that I have a whirl last month.

1. Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Cream Cleanser has quickly become my go-to morning cleanser. It quickly and easily removes dirt, dead skin cells, and other nasties my skin picked over night plus the Wintergreen and White Willow Bark gives my skin a little early morning boost and wake-up call.

2. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara is not your regular mascara, its better. The brush has a lot to with how this mascara gets applied and is formulated in such a way that even after one coast my lashes looked longer, more lush, and had a ton of volume. The more you apply the better they look. Bonus Tip: Wait about 30-seconds between coats to help prevents clumps and build volume.

3. So Susan Liquid Powder Shadow Palette is newbie in my makeup wardrobe. This shadow is unique in that it is hot-poured which creates a liquid-power hybrid eye shadow.  The result is a shadow with great color pigmentation that goes on very smooth and is easy to blend.

4. I’m really picky about my foundation but the new NARS All Day Luminous Light Weight Foundation has moved up into my top 5 personal favorites. This is new formula was created to give great, full coverage with just one pump. I found it was easier to apply with my fingers or a buffing foundation brush as a make-up sponge absorbed too much of the foundation. True to its name, it also lasts all day if you set it with a translucent powder; you’ll still get long wear without the powder as well.

5. If there is one lip product I love its lip gloss, so naturally COVERGIRL Lip Lava is right in my wheelhouse. What I love about the Lip Lava is the color can be built up. On my “no makeup” days I can wear it alone for just a touch of color, or I can layer it on top of my lip stick to add more dimension to my look.

6. Face primer is a product I’ve quickly become obsessed with. The new Master Prime: Blur and Smooth Primer from Maybelline is great primer that can play with the big boys. It’s really great for those days when you skin is looking worse for the wear and needs some TLC. I found a good moisturizer followed by applying the Blur & Smooth will do wonders for your appearance. Plus it’s under $10.

7. Ever since I cut my hair last June, I’ve invested more money on curling wands, rollers, and irons then I did when I had long hair. Thankfully my search is over with the 3-Day Bender from The DryBar. During one of my weekly visits to my local DryBar, I asked for tips on curling my hair, after listening to my stylist I decided to invest in the brands signature curling iron. The key selling feature here is the rotating barrel, it literally shaves minutes off the time it takes to curl my hair.

8. Yes, I know headphones aren’t a beauty item BUT these new headphones from UrbanEars & Marc by Marc Jacobs are special because they are washable. The main reason I avoided “over-ear” headphones I hated seeing the hair and makeup product build-up. That all ended with these babies as the ear cushions and band cover come off so I can toss them in the wash. Brilliant if you ask me.

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