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Makeover Monday: Getting My Zero Calorie Chocolate Fix with Too Faced

I have a deep love for eye shadow palettes. The vast variety of shades usually give you more bang for your buck then buying individual eye shadows.  My new favorite palettes don’t just have great shades that have multiple uses but actually have REAL COCOA infused in each shade.  I’m talking about the Chocolate Bar palettes from Too Faced of course.

Outside of my morning Nutella coffee, waking up to the smell of chocolate while doing my makeup is just pure joy (plus there are no calories to worry out).

The original Milk Chocolate Bar has great shades like Salted Carmel, White Chocolate, Strawberry Bon Bon and Milk Chocolate (which is great for conturing cheek, jaw, and hairlines). The new Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar expands with additional shades like Nougat, Frosting, Puddin’, and Butter Pecan making combo-choices endless.

So get your chocolate love on all you chocoholics.

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