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Makeover Monday: Fall Foot Prep

After spending 3-4 months in sandals, my feet are not ready to be trapped in boots. That is why this year I took steps to prepare them ahead of time so that when boot season hit, my tootsies were ready for whatever might hit them.

Summer sandal season means weekly or at least bi-weekly pedicures to makes sure my feet stay sandal pretty. The opposite happens during winter, so to prep my feet for months confined in fall/winter boots I turned to Baby Foot. This exfoliant foot peel is as amazing as it is disgusting. You start by wearing the pre-filled plastic booties for one hour, during which time the gel in the booties gets absorbed into the skin. After the hour is up, rise off well with soap and pat dry. Next up is the kinda gross part, over the next week or so, the dead skin will start to peel off, layer by layer. The end result if super smooth feet that even the best spa pedicure couldn’t get you.

Now, since my feet have basically been in flats all summer long, my killer 3″ wedge boots are going to kill my feet. To combat any foot pain, I tried out Sole Serum, a fancy gel you apply to areas where you are feeling pain, which to me is usually the balls of my feet. Apply, massage in, and let dry for about 60-seconds, then go about your day with refreshed feet.

If you blisters happen only happen to hikers and joggers, oh are you mistaken. I found this out the hard way last winter when my favorite pair of boots gave me a few nasty blisters after not wearing them for so long. Now, up until now there has been no real solution to blisters as we all know band-aids never stay put. Well that is all in the past with new Compeed blister cushions. I first found these handy during New York Fashion Week when a new pair of boots were giving me trouble, but now I have found these are also great when some of my favorite fall footwear starts to give me issues. I keep some at home and at the office so that whenever a blister starts to strike, I can strike back.

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