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Makeover Monday – December Favorites

I know what you’re thinking “Um…It’s January” and you’d be correct.  However since I was away on vacation till after the New Year, I did not get a chance to share my favorite beauty products from the month of December, so here we go.

Maybelline Brow Drama. Never have sculpting my brows been so easy.  Just a few quick swipes and BOOM I have bold, drama worthy brows.  First start off with 1-2 swipes in the opposite direction of brow growth to add depth then 1-2 swipes in the natural brow growth direction to sculpt and define.

PONDS Dry Skin Cream. Ever since I started using this moisturizer on a daily basis I’ve noticed my skin is softer, clearer, and has a nice glow going on. I only use this at night as I found it to be a touch too heavy in the morning HOWEVER if you have extremely dry skin in the winter you’d most likely be okay using this morning and night.

The DryBar’s Rise & Shine Cocktail. Ever since I FINALLY made it into The DryBar blowout salon I’ve been obsessed and when I went to the grand opening of the new Meatpacking District location I was introduced to my favorite new morning product combo, The Rise & Shine.  Now sadly this isn’t a REAL cocktail but it does make my hair soft, shiny, and full of volume.  This is how it works: first wash your hair like normal -> towel dry and brush through to remove tangles -> apply a heat protector and brush through hair again -> in your palm mix The DryBar’s So.Belle. Volumizing Moose with a few pumps of  Gold Mine Shimmering Leave in Conditioner and work through hair -> section out hair and blow-dry as normal.  The result is amazing.

COVERGIRL Lash Bloom Mascara. I loathe mascaras that leave my lashes feeling stiff and brittle, like they will break off the moment I touch them. On the flip side most mascaras that are softer give no fullness or depth. Thankfully COVERGIRL has finally filled the gap with their new Lash Bloom Mascara. This new mascara gives me full lashes with depth that has a softness to them mean that my eyelashes don’t feel like stiff boards. I’m hooked with this new mascara, I gave a few out as stocking stuffers this past Christmas.

 Rouge Underground Face Primer. Ever since I was first introduced to face primer back in the day I’ve been hooked and NEVER put my foundation without priming my face first. Why? Well primer has many benefits like smoothing out skins surface, filling in any fine lines, reduce the look of pores and in some cases it can even out skin tone. Basically a good primer will create a create canvas for your makeup.  My new favorite is the face primer for Rouge Underground by Luminess Air. This primer goes on super smooth and creates a smooth surface for my foundation. As a bonus, a primed face uses less foundation.

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