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Lounge It Out: Experiencing Some of the Best NYFW Lounges

While it’s true that New York Fashion Week’s main draw is the fashion and seeing collections from some of the top designers around the world, there is another draw for us busy-bee bloggers and editors, lounges.

NYFW lounges are where we go to rest up, charge our phones, get rehydrated, and getting a little pampering done.  This season there were some not to miss lounges that offered me sneak peeks on upcoming products, some R&R, and more.

Panasonic & Pandora Beauty Bar: I will never turn down a blow-out, but this was so much more. Held at the Arojo salon in Tribeca bloggers (like myself) got a first hand experience with some new gadgets from Panasonic including their wide range of hair tools, a mini face steamer, and the new Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device. Makeovers were provided by Glam app, and Pandora gave us a look at their Fall 2015 collection.


StyleCaster SC Social Lounge: A busy day deserves to start off with a little pampering, at least that is my motto. The SC Social Lounge was all set up to revive us weary NYFW folks with massages, a hair braiding station, makeup touch ups, and cute little emoji manicures from Sally Hansen. It was a great place to just get a little zen and charge up my devices before heading back into the thick of things.


AirOptix Haute Spot: Ending the day with a cocktail is always fine by me. I swung by the NYFW HQ for a little sit down with AirOptix colours, where I not only got a cocktail (or two), but also go to experience being a blue eyed gal for a few hours by trying on the Brilliant Blue color contact lenses.


AMG Naturally: Capping off my lounge experience this season was a trip to the Dream Downtown hotel, where AMG Skincare welcomed us up to a guesthouse of relaxation. I sipped on some bubbly, noshed on some bites, and then was taken to fashion heaven with a hot stone facial and massage. Really nothing beats ending fashion week on such a zen note.


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