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Let’s Chat ~ CW’s “Roswell, New Mexico”

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

UPDATE: As of 3 pm ET The CW has OFFICIALLY renewed Roswell.

Yes, you read that right, “Let’s Chat” is back and this time we are talking about the freshman CW series Roswell, New Mexico.

Max Evans and Liz Ortecho l Roswell, New Mexico Season 1

If you’re asking why I am rebooting the entertainment section on the blog? Well, the entertainment world is and always will be my first love!

I was a BIG fan of the original series that first aired 20yrs ago, so to say I was little hesitant on a rebooted, reworked series coming back to the network was a valid statement. However, I have it my usual 3-episode trial run to see if it was worth my time and well clearly it was.

I just got done watching the season 1 finale and all I can say is DAMN! Also that CW needs to go ahead and renew this for a season 2 right now. Putting the fan reactions aside for a minute and looking at the numbers, it should be a no brainer. Roswell is right up with (already renewed) Legacies in total viewers and is way ahead of (again already renewed) Dynasty. Plus CW has room in its roster what with 3 current shows ending this TV season.

When I look at the creative side, the show has strong, dynamic storytelling. Yes there are aliens named Max, Isobel, and Michael along with humans Liz, Maria, and Alex. Yes it’s set in Roswell but really that is where the majority of similarities with the O.G. series end. The overall story is much different and has higher stakes, as we just saw with the season finale.

The show also has gone back to its source material a little more than its presider. For starters, Liz Parker is back to being Liz Ortecho. Viewers see how the 1947 crash was caused by a stowaway, the government conspiracy all follow the book series a more closely.

I’m not gonna lie, CW has a history of doing us fans dirty and cancelling TV shows that have a strong fan base after the first season. And yes, I’m talking about The Secret Circle cause I’m still not over it. However, renewing Roswell, New Mexico should be an easy choice.

So when will we find out the shows fate? I’m gonna guess that with Upfronts right around the corner, CW is gonna keep us on the edge till then. On the upside, the full series will be available to stream on Netflix starting May 1st, so you can for sure catch me binge watching this either way.

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