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Let’s Chat About #Outlander

Okay so I am REALLY late to the party but OMG I just finished season one of the Starz drama Outlander and we need to discuss.

If seemed all anyone could talk about last year was the new drama Outlander. On my Twitter feed and Tumblr dashboard all I read was praise for the drama. Then Outlander’s leading man Sam Heughan kept being pitted against Once Upon A Time’s Colin O’Donoghue (and we all know how much I ship Captain Swan), so naturally I kept asking “What the hell is this show about?” and all I got back in responses were “It’s a time-travel drama” or “Scotland in the 18th century”. These weren’t exactly statements to sell me on calling up RCN to add Starz to my cable package.


As usual is seems Amazon heard of my plight and is now offering Starz as an add-on streaming service to the Amazon Prime subscription. You know that this meant right? If you guessed that I spent all of my last holiday weekend holed up in my apartment bingeing on season one of Outlander, than you guessed correctly. I also now FULLY understand why everyone is OBSESSED with this show, it’s freaking awesome.

The series is based off the novels by Diana Gabaldon. Claire Randall – played brilliantly by Caitriona Balfe – who is a fresh off the war World War II nurse who somehow makes like Alice and travels through a stationary object, only instead of a looking glass, it’s a stone. Now Claire doesn’t land in Wonderland, no she lands in 1743 Highlands Scotland, and right in the middle of fight between the Highlander Rebels and the infamous British RedCoats.


Using her 20th century knowledge and nurse training, Claire is quickly taken as the new healer, saving people from poison’s they didn’t even know existed yet. It’s during this time that the dashing Scotsman James Fraser (the aforementioned Sam Heughan) makes his presence more known by getting Claire out of scraps and saving her neck a few times. Turns out the 18th century is no place for a modern, outspoken women, who knew.


Everything about this drama sucked me in but there are the technical details like the sets, costumes, historical accuracy, it’s all there. It’s like Outlander has filled a hole in my TV loving heart I didn’t know needed filled.

So know I sit here, waiting for April to arrive so that I can welcome season 2 into my life like an old friend. In the meantime I’ll have to get my Outlander fix by reading the novels.

Do you watch the show? If so, let’s chat about Outlander!! Leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter: @entertainista.

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