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Ladies Rejoice, Blushington Has Come to NYC

I might be a former makeup artist and beauty blogger but even I have lazy days when I really just don’t feel like doing my own makeup. Thankfully L.A.’s makeup secret, Blushington, has come to the east coast and it is a lifesaver.


So what is Blushington? Think of it like DryBar only for your face. In fact, the studio is actually located across the hall from DryBar in Le Parker Meridien’s ‘The Underground’. Now yes, there are actually a few makeup solutions here in NYC but most of them require a home visit and while that is the dream to have a MUA swing on by to do your face before work, my shoebox apartment doesn’t have great lighting. Blushington on the other hand is bright and cheerful.


My reason for visiting Blushington? I was doing a photoshoot with my buddy Ryan for Rockport Shoes and due to NYFW, I just didn’t have time (or energy) to deal with photoshoot level makeup that day. After a quick stop at DryBar, I jetted the 10-steps it took me to get to the studio.


The look I was going for was edgy glam and wow did my MUA delivered. Everything from the smoky eye to the contoured cheeks to the red lips, it all paired perfectly with my black sheer crop top/skirt combo and edged up hair.

So you might be asking “The cost Misti, tell me the cost.” Well the good news is, a look from Blushington is runs from $20 for just the eyes to $45 for a full face to $75 if you need camera ready coverage. Plus makeup isn’t the only thing Blushington does. You can also keep your brows on fleek and if you are like me and can’t seem to nail the false eyelash application, Blushington has you covered there to.


You can book appointments by going to www.blushington.com or by downloading the app.

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