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Jurassic World & Pitch Perfect 2 – Most Important Super Bowl Ads

While some people were looking forward to Budweiser, Doritos, or Snickers ads during the 49th Super Bowl, I was looking forward to two of the few movie trailer TV spots that aired: Jurassic World and Pitch Perfect 2. And they did not disappoint.

Jurassic World: Opening June 12, 2015

The first teaser trailer hinted as a few things: a new custom made dinosaur, trained raptors, and lots of trouble. The new 1:10 long TV spot gave us a first look at this new killer dinosaur, leading man Chris Prat training a pack of raptors in a similar fashion that I once trained by beloved Westie, and just what happens when dinosaurs run a muck on an island with 20K people on it.

Pitch Perfect 2: Opening May 15, 2015

While the TV spot was only :30s long, we got a hint of at least one song the Barton Bella’s will be busting in the new film, a cover of Carrie Underword’s “Before He Cheats”. We also got a look the cameo from the NFL’s Green Bay Packers.

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