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It’s Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday!

It’s Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday!

And how does one celebrate a birthday? That’s right, with cake! Which naturally is what this month's Disney DIY Treat. A birthday cake for Mickey.

Misti and I actually went through a few different ideas for our cake design, but ultimately we decided that we should honor Mickey’s film debut – Steamboat Willie. (Ok, technically, it was his third film. But it was the first of his movies distributed by the company.)

After baking a classic chocolate cake (use your favorite recipe or box mix) divide into two 8″ rounds. Make sure they cool completely. As for the frosting, you’re gonna need A LOT of buttercream. You’ll need white all over the cake and three shades of grey for the details.

After the whole cake is frosted with white, pipe a silhouette of Mickey right on top, surrounded by music notes. Fun fact: Steamboat Willie was also the first Disney movie to have synchronized sound. Whenever I think of Steamboat Willie, I think of Mickey at the wheel of the ship, whistling and doing his little bop dance.

Around the sides of the cake are the ship wheel from the film, and the top and bottom borders have hidden Mickey’s. The whole cake was done in greyscale since Steamboat Willie was a black and white film.

Now that the cake is finished, my kids and I are taking it to the firefighters who saved our garage this past summer. We think that Mickey would fully approve of sharing his cake with them.

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