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Irregular Choice Disney Princess Collection

I'll admit that the Irregular Choice X Disney collections are on my bucket list. So far, with each collection, there are pieces that I know I want but am usually not fast enough to snatch them up.

Well now there is the new Disney Princess Collection, and y'all know how much I love me a good Disney Princess moment. The collection just dropped and features both Snow White (the O.G. ) and Mulan. So I've scoured these new works of art, cause lets be honest, that is what these are and I've rounded up my top picks.


Still the Fairest Handbag - $169

I love this bag. Like if I could only pick ONE item from the Snow White collection, it would be this bag. Its a 2-in-1 kinda deal as you get Snow on one side and the Evil Queen on the other. Plus, this looks like it will hold all the essentials and then some. Perfect for any and all Snow White DisneyBounds, or like me you are looking for something to wear to the Snow White themed Storybook Dining experience at Walt Disney World in a few months.

An Apple A Day // Whistle While You Work Shoes - $180

Out of the 6 pairs of shoe designs we have to pick from, these two are my favorites.

The An Apple A Day design is so unique simply due to the fact that it features the Old Hag. This is something we VERY rarely if ever see. Most of the time the Evil Queen's Old Hag is reserved for shows, so to see her represented is great.

The Whistle While You Work is fabulous as one, the shoes are flats, so those of use that heel-challenged should be good to go. You also see all seven of the dwarfs represented. As a bonus, this shoe will go great with my next handbag pick...

Happily Ever After Handbag - $199

...The Happily Ever After bag. I mean what better to fully represent the Seven Dwarfs than with this bag.

As with all everything Irregular Choice does, the attention to detail here is top-notch. Not only are the trees in 3-D but the doors and windows "open" to reveal Grumpy, Dopey, and Bashful. Again this is perfect for your next DisneyBound.


Let Dreams Blossom Handbag & Shoes - $180

These are my favorite picks from the Mulan collection. Both the bag and shoes feature Mulan and Mushu plus pink cherry blossoms appliques. They are beautiful and we really do not see enough Mulan representation in Disney Style collections.

Warrior Heart Shoes - $169

If you want a more subtle Mulan design then these heels are for you. Featuring a pink waterlily to "reflect on" and Mulan printed fabric, this design is just straight-up beautiful.

You can see the whole Disney Princess Collection over on Irregular Choice's website. If you plan on getting anything, let me know in the comments what you plan to pick-up.

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